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Daniel graduated from the renowned London College of Printing and Distributive Trades in 1998 as the youngest in its highly competitive program.

After moving to Australia, Daniel worked as a commercial editor

with some of the world's leading directors in commercials and long form, receiving numerous awards along the way.

Initially editing at The Post Office Films, Daniel became part owner of the high-end post production company MRPPP, before joining Method Studios as their senior editor. His pursuits in commercials led to projects in the UK, Australia and the US among many international markets.

Daniel began his migration into directing as writer/director of the short film Triple Concerto In D Minor. The film enjoyed screenings in some of the world's leading film festivals including Montreal, Seattle, Chicago and London. Claiming wins in various categories around the circuit, the film qualified for official submission to the Academy Awards Narrative Short Film Category and caught the eye of writer/producer Antony J. Bowman, who asked Daniel to direct the short Three Sixty. After a successful festival run and a Hollywood discovery award nomination for directing, a feature version starring Ray Liotta is in development.

Recognised by BAFTA by becoming a member in Los Angeles, and recently awarded his society letters, among other projects, Daniel has secured the rights to the French children's tale The Day Maker that he is developing into an animated/live action feature, and is in development on a UK crime drama, Fallen Leaves.


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+61 407 894 924


Lucas Jenner / Alex Hay
Rabbit Content
Ground Fl, 15 Woodburn St, Redfern, NSW, Australia

+61 2 9698 2222


Sarah Williams

Independent Talent Group

40 Whitfield Street, London W1T 2RH, UK

+44 207 636 6565

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